Läbirääkimistreeningud ja meistriklassid 2022/2023


14. veebr. – 15.märts  2023   Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass

2. mai – 31.mai  2023   Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass

June 12 – 15,  2023   Executive Communication/Negotiation Technology International Master class 

26. sept.  – 18.okt.  2023   Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass


Ats Alupere, CEO, Saksa Automaatika, Estonia

Negotiation Technology has sharpened my eyes about seeing the possibilities in situations where you normally would not dare to go. It has been particularly valuable when something has not gone the predicted way – like it sometimes happens even in the best-planned big projects! Fixing the errors, keeping relationships, not going into crisis… these are the real benefits, which have tremendous value.