Läbirääkimistreeningud ja meistriklassid 2019/2020

December 13, 14,  2019 – April 2.,3. 2020  Mart Saarma’s Masterclass 

4. veebr. – 4. märts  2020   Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass

5. mai – 3. juuni  2020   Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass

June 15 – 18,  2020   Executive Communication/Negotiation Technology International Master class 


Kadri Kullman, Chairman of the Board, Dimela Group

Most of our professional conversations are actually negotiations.

At the Negotiation Technology course I obtained an elegant suitcase of tools, many of which I’m by now using intuitively. Most of my negotiations bring success both to me and my partners – we participate in each other’s success stories.