Läbirääkimistreeningud ja meistriklassid 2022/2023


14. veebr. – 15.märts  2023   Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass

2. mai – 31.mai  2023   Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass

June 12 – 15,  2023   Executive Communication/Negotiation Technology International Master class 


When working as General Manager in Enics Eesti, the company’s output, sales and personnel were growing fast. There was a lot of new persons as well as new international customers.

We decided to train our managers, engineers, specialists and team leaders. In Euroman we had programs of co-operation, negotiation, problem-solving, teamwork etc. We had many interesting discussions with Marju before and during the trainings. She was always most inspiring giving us visionary ideas. Her approach to training was energetic and full of development capacity. She kept participants very well in action. I do recommend the innovative and creative training programs of Euroman and Marju!