Äri on suhted

Peter F Druckeri juhtmõttest “Äri on suhted” lähtume meie oma instituudi igapäevatöös ning kursuste läbiviimisel. Seetõttu väärtustame väga oma vilistlasi ja koostööpartnereid. Aitäh, et olemas olete, Teie olete aidanud meil jõuda selleni, kes me oleme!




Dr. Ruth Oltjer, CEO, Chemi-Pharm; Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Winner; Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 – Member of the Jury

From the Negotiation Technology I use planning daily – and effectively.
Before every negotiation I determine our minimum and maximum outcome. What is the absolute minimum, below which the cooperation will not make sense for us, and the maximum beyond which it would not make sense for the other party.

Negotiations may take an unexpected turn. We use our own sign system in our negotiations team: when the lead negotiator decides to change direction, then the other members do not get confused, but understand instantly and go along with the ride.