Prof. Reet Valgmaa

Õppekeskus Tõru

Erle Nõmm

Õppekeskus Tõru

Michael Gallagher


Prof. Aleksander Pulver

Tallinna Ülikool

Prof. Mart Saarma

Helsingi Ülikool

Prof. Andres Metspalu

Eesti Geenivaramu

Prof. Allan Gibb

University of Durham, UK

Dr. Tiit Meren

Taastava Kirurgia Kliinik

Hardo Paljula

Roman Baskin

Anu Lamp

Jaan Kaplisnki

Sven Grünberg

Mati Alaver

Marju Unt




Marko Saviauk, Director of Industry line, Nortal

Peace – the most important outcome of this course. Peace of mind both before and after negotiations, backed by the system, the calm view to the negotiations – whatever the result.

Negotition Technology has constructively freed my mind from hesitations and worries (which have taken up a lot of energy, and ultimately, time) – now I can use this time for something more pleasant.