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    – Läbirääkimiste tehnoloogia meistriklass– Negotiation Technology/Executive Communication Masterclass– Mart Saarma’s Masterclass– Kriisikompass– Sven Grünberg Juhi vägi üha kiiremas maailmas– Prof. Pulver Miks me vihkame?– Prof Pulver Armastuse ahelad– Läbirääkimiste jätkukursus. Konfliktsed ja keerulised läbirääkimised– Süst ja süsteem– Juhitool ja testament

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    Priit Anton, VP, Guardtime

    What often happens: after the course is over, emotions fade and the course folder lies unopened in the drawer. This did not happen after Negotiations’ Technology!  I started using NT right away, and have done it daily – with growing joy.
    Business is relationships (Peter Drucker). With NT we have grown our company in different ways.
    First: in the market: from competition to collaboration.  If you are partnering – instead of competing and fighting for survival – both parties can grow from their strengths, become more prosperous. This frees time for thinking.
    Second: inside the company: form dictatorship to diplomacy. Third: inside the family: I found surprisingly that parenting the teenager the NT skills came very handy.