Miks EEI?


Ats Alupere, Siemens Eesti

Koolijuht Toomas Takkis

Turismiettevõtja Külliki Pikk

Vahur Vuks, Aakre Moos Helen Uibopuu, esimest korda EEIs Vivian Unt, Vivian Vau kingasalong
Janar Oru, puidufirma Trendwood Peeter Unt, Eesti-Läti koostöömees Jaan Lusikas, maastikutehnikamees
Hambaarst Marina Koskinen Teet Uudeküll, autokaupmees  


Marko Saviauk, Founder and CEO, Leanest

Peace – the most important outcome of this course. Peace of mind both before and after negotiations, backed by the system, the calm view to the negotiations – whatever the result.

Negotition Technology has constructively freed my mind from hesitations and worries (which have taken up a lot of energy, and ultimately, time) – now I can use this time for something more pleasant.