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Ats Alupere, Siemens Eesti

Koolijuht Toomas Takkis

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Vahur Vuks, Aakre Moos Helen Uibopuu, esimest korda EEIs Vivian Unt, Vivian Vau kingasalong
Janar Oru, puidufirma Trendwood Peeter Unt, Eesti-Läti koostöömees Jaan Lusikas, maastikutehnikamees
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Sigrid Kivimäe, Sales Manager, Siemens Healthcare

Women are not as self-confident as men – at least in business settings. We would like to do things in the right way. I have to confess, I was rather skeptical before the course. But the masterclass surprised me pleasantly: all of us, experienced leaders and managers, came out of our comfort zones.  At the Negotiation Technology course I really learned how to “read” my partners. This is a necessary precondition for the result – we both feel like winners when we raise from the negotiations’ table and shake hands.