Treilerikool – Investeering Interface’i: Sinu firma vinge treiler!

Firmatreiler on 2-4 minutiline profianimeeritud video – põhimõttelt video-visiitkaart, mis tekitab usaldust Sinu ja Sinu firma vastu. Sa räägid treileris oma loo ja seeläbi oled giid oma firma väärtuste juurde! Firmajuht on oma firma rollimudel, reklaam ja garantii. 

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I like Steve Jobs’ quote: The journey is the reward.
To keep the journey moving with great energy, I daily use the Negotiation Technology lesson how to “wrap” a negative opinion or feedback into positive so that the other party would not freeze into defense. If you barely bring out the negative, then others will withdraw and sit in trenches… and there will be no journey!

My second daily habit from NT is strategic planning. If you have skills and courage to think clearly: what is the worst that might happen as an alternative to your plan A? – then further decision-making is much easier. Both, in professional and private life.