Ruumide rent

Meie aadress Emajõe 8, Tartu

Jõeseminar  (10 – 20 inimest)  20 €/tund 120 €/päev
Aiaseminar (10 – 15 inimest) 20 €/tund 120 €/päev
Kogu maja (jõeseminar, aiaseminar, kaminasalong) 45 €/tund   260 €/päev
Rendihinnas sisalduvad: videoprojektor, markerid ja tahvel. Puhkepäevadel on rent 50% kõrgem
Lõuna ja kohvipausid
1. Kohv, tee ja vesi 2 € 
2. Kohv, tee, vesi, soolased ja magusad küpsised 2,5 € 
3. Kohv, tee, vesi, morss, soolased ja magusad küpsised 3 € 
4. Kohv, tee, vesi, morss, magusad küpsised, puuviljavalik  3,5 €
5. Kohv, tee, vesi, morss, võileib või pirukas 4 € 
6. Hõrk soe lõuna, tellitud sisse vastavalt Teie soovile hind kokkuleppel
Kõikidele hindadele lisandub käibemaks 20%


Seminariruumide reserveerimiseks ja täpsustava info küsimiseks: 


tel: +372 51 30146

Priit Anton, VP, Earth observations, Reach-U

What often happens: after the course is over, emotions fade and the course folder lies unopened in the drawer. This did not happen after Negotiations’ Technology!  I started using NT right away, and have done it daily – with growing joy.
Business is relationships (Peter Drucker). With NT we have grown our company in different ways.
First: in the market: from competition to collaboration.  If you are partnering – instead of competing and fighting for survival – both parties can grow from their strengths, become more prosperous. This frees time for thinking.
Second: inside the company: form dictatorship to diplomacy. Third: inside the family: I found surprisingly that parenting the teenager the NT skills came very handy.